5 of the Best Restaurants in Marlboro, NY

The Hudson Valley enjoys a thriving restaurant scene, with world-class chefs, a farm-to-table philosophy, and traditions that have led to recipes honed to perfection. The Culinary Institute of America’s New York campus is in Hyde Park, and many of the restaurants in the area have been around for decades. Thanks to the Hudson Valley’s long history, some of the buildings housing the restaurants date to early last century. All these factors combine to create a dining experience unlike any other. Below, we’ve listed some of the best restaurants in Marlboro, NY, so you don’t have to worry about missing out!

5 of the Best Restaurants in Marlboro, NY

1. The Ship Lantern Inn | Milton, NY

2. Henry’s at the Farm | Milton, NY

3. Live at the Falcon Restaurant | Marlboro, NY

4. Perch | Marlboro, NY

5. The Raccoon Saloon

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