5 Tips for Planning Your Outdoor Wedding

Don’t forget these details when planning your outdoor wedding!

1 – Location

2 – Decorations

One of the best advantages and the worst parts of planning an outdoor wedding are the endless possibilities for decorations. After all, what’s a better backdrop than that beautiful scenery of the great outdoors? To avoid decoration over-load, keep the decorations simple by utilizing string lights to give your setting the perfect glow. Also, don’t forget the items that may be included at an indoor venue – candles, flowers, tablecloths, seat covers, etc.

3 – Sound

With the various sounds of the great outdoors, it may be difficult for your guests to hear the bride and groom exchange vows. You may need to rent a sound system and mic up the officiant and yourselves. If you have a band or DJ at your wedding, they should be able to provide this for you.

4 – Overnight Accommodations

If your dream is to have an outdoor wedding that is a destination that your guests will have to travel a while to get to, you may want to have options for them to stay if need be. Whether it’s a hotel up the street, a bed and breakfast, or a few cabins in the woods, it’s necessary to let your guests know in advance if they should make overnight accommodations.

5 – Unwanted Wedding Crashers

As most outdoor weddings tend to be near a body of water or in the woods, you’ll have to make sure you have a game plan to keep these unwanted party crashers away: bugs. One good way to make sure they won’t annoy your guests are to give out small bottles of bug spray as they arrive to the ceremony. Even though bugs may be little, they can take away the magic of the wedding – so best to prepare rather than not.

There are a TON of tips to keep in mind while planning your outdoor wedding – but we just wanted to cover a few of the more not-so-obvious ones. To keep the stress off your shoulders during your big day, we suggest working with a wedding planner!

Feel free to contact the professionals at Saint Hubert’s Lodge for any questions or concerns you may have while planning your outdoor wedding!

There are a TON of extra tips to keep in mind while planning your outdoor wedding, but we just wanted to cover a few of the more no-so-obvious ones. If you need assistance in planning your outdoor wedding, contact the professionals at Saint Hubert’s Lodge!