8 of the Best Farm-to-Table Restaurants in the Hudson Valley

There are all kinds of fantastic restaurants in the Hudson Valley. Farm-to-table restaurants stand in a class all their own when it comes to quality, though. Take a look at some of our favorites below!  

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Why Farm-to-Table?

a graphic with burger and fries and text that says hudson valley vacation guideWhen you enjoy meals at farm-to-table restaurants, you can be sure that the quality will be top-notch, with fresh and often organic ingredients making up much of the menu. However, you’ll also be supporting local farmers as well as efforts to be environmentally sustainable.

The Hudson Valley enjoys an abundance of farm-to-table restaurants in addition to local farms and businesses that produce artisan goods. In fact, the prevalence of small farms in the Hudson Valley might in many ways make feed directly into the number of restaurants that use locally sourced ingredients.

In any case, it means that you get to enjoy more delicious food!

Farm-to-Table Restaurants in the Hudson Valley

From trendy dining to more low-key spots, here are some of the best farm-to-table restaurants in the Hudson Valley.

American Bounty Restaurant

The vision behind this Culinary Institute of America restaurant is to serve American food that is as “fresh, inventive, and regionally-based as possible while elevating the cuisine.” You’ll find the restaurant to have a casual elegance to it, and it offers a first-class American wine list to complement its dishes.

Blue Hill at Stone Barns

Blue Hill at Stone Barns is definitely on the higher end when it comes to the farm-to-table restaurants on this list. Meals here are regarded more as dining experiences intended to “shift the perspective” of those enjoying the meal and feature many ingredients sourced from Stone Barns Center.

Damon Baehrel

Perhaps the most famed farm-to-table restaurant on this list, Damon Baehrel is the restaurant run by the restaurateur of the same name. Ingredients in the meals served here are sourced almost entirely from Baehrel’s farm. You might be hard-pressed to get a reservation though—according to the site, the waiting list is so long that you might have to wait more than a year.

Farm to Table Bistro

Farm to Table Bistro sources most of their ingredients from local farmers and creameries in the Hudson Valley.

On their website, they elaborate on what “local” means—it means they “shake hands every Tuesday with the man who makes [their] fresh hot dogs” and “drink espresso corretto with one of the local farmers [they] use for produce.”

This emphasizes the focus on not just quality, but also community that is part of the farm-to-table movement.


The first Animal Welfare Approved restaurant in the world, Grazin’ is committed to holistic practices. This means that ingredients are sourced from eco-friendly, sustainable local farms that raise healthy animals. They even give leftover restaurant food to their pigs, ensuring that nothing goes to waste.  

Henry’s at the Farm

Henry’s at the Farm sources many of its ingredients from local farms. They even label which items were grown on the onsite Millstone Farm!   


The owner of Perch is dedicated to sourcing local produce and beverages for the ingredients in the unique menu that features locally-inspired dishes with global flavors.

Valley Diner

You’ll find a blend of classic diner design and Hudson Valley charm at the Valley Diner. They use locally sourced produce whenever possible and immaculately prepare their “grown-up comfort food.”

Other Dining in the Hudson Valley

In addition to these farm-to-table restaurants, the Hudson Valley has several excellent traditional restaurants and wineries. A good time to visit to sample many of the best is during Hudson Valley Restaurant Week!

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