Everything You Need to Know About Embarking on the Hudson Valley Walkway

The Hudson Valley gives its guests every reason to explore. From the migrant birds to the pristine river to the endless, awe-inspiring views, it doesn’t disappoint. Discover it all from the Hudson Valley Walkway during your next visit. This isn’t your average walking path. Discover why the expansive walkway has quickly become one of the most notable features in the Valley. 

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Plan Your Trip to the Hudson Valley Walkway

Lace-up your walking shoes and start exploring the beauty of Upstate New York on the Hudson Valley Walkway. The four and a half mile loop crosses over the river twice and winds through the coastline. There’s so much to see in the Valley, and you won’t miss any of it by making the walkway trek.

What Is It?

Where Does It Go?

Hudson Valley Walkway Events

Starry Starry Night

Starry Starry Night

Flag Changing Ceremony


Rest Your Feet at Saint Hubert’s Lodge