How to Explore the Wineries of the Hudson Valley in NY

The Hudson Valley is home to a quietly booming craft scene. An abundance of local breweries and distilleries and restaurants serving farm-to-table cuisine emphasize a focus on quality, local products. And wine is at the forefront of this focus, with good reason. Not only does the beauty of the Hudson Valley make for a stunning backdrop to the wineries here, but there is a tradition of winemaking among the lush landscapes that lend the region an air of expertise. To adequately explore the offerings may seem like a daunting task, so we have gathered some suggestions on how to best accomplish this. See below for the best ways to discover the wineries of the Hudson Valley in NY.    

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Discover the Wineries of the Hudson Valley in NY

1. Follow the Hudson Valley Wine Trail

2. Attend Events Centered Around Wine

Another popular annual wine event is the Hudson Valley Wine & Food Festival. It takes place the weekend after Labor Day. Enjoy hundreds of wines from wineries in the Hudson Valley, as well as craft beer and spirits along with food trucks and gourmet options. Some of the best Hudson Valley wineries and vineyards join this event each year, as do hundreds of oenophiles—it is guaranteed to be a lively event with all kinds of great beverages and dishes to enjoy.

3. Take a Tour

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