How to Plan the Best Micro Wedding

Love is something to celebrate, but you don’t have to break the bank to do it. With the average wedding cost at over $30,000, it’s easy to see why couples are searching for an economical alternative. Have your wedding cake and eat it too with our exclusive micro wedding planning guide! Ready to start planning? For all of the best vendors in the Hudson Valley area, check out our complimentary Travel Guide!

Everything You Need to Know for Your Micro Wedding

What is a micro wedding? A micro wedding has all of the sentiment behind a traditional wedding with the intimacy of an elopement. Revel in a storybook wedding—just on a smaller scale.

Decide on Your Budget

Map Out Your Picture-Perfect Micro Wedding Day

The Orchard at Saint Hubert’s Lodge

Saint Hubert’s Lodge

Plan the Dinner Party

Take a Mini-Moon at Saint Hubert’s Lodge