This Is One of the Best Hudson Valley Bourbons

When you think of American spirits, the first places that come to mind may be Kentucky or Tennessee. In recent years, distilleries in New York have earned acclaim for producing fine spirits that can hold their own against the best to come out of either of those two states. Of the esteemed spirits crafted here, one of the most well-known is a Hudson Valley bourbon: the Hudson Baby Bourbon.

You can try this iconic whiskey if you are able to find it at a bar or online, or you could try it at its source when you visit the Hudson Valley distillery that makes it. Looking for other places to visit while here? Download our complimentary Vacation Guide for instant access to recommendations for excellent local wineries, breweries, and so much more. 

Some History on Hudson Valley Bourbon

Hudson Valley Whiskey

Tuthilltown Spirits makes five different kinds of whiskey in addition to its other fine spirits. To get a more complete idea of what the difference is between their whiskeys, a brief definition of terminology is in order. Bourbon is whiskey that is made from grain mixtures containing at least 51% corn and aged in a charred new oak barrel. Rye whiskey is whiskey made from grain that contains at least 51% rye.

The Whiskeys

Taste Hudson Valley Bourbon for Yourself

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